At Legacy Springs Farm...

If you need experienced help with selling your young Thoroughbred, or with breeding or foaling your mare, you've come to the right place!  We are available to board your horse while giving the individualized care that each horse needs.  Whether it be prepping your weanling or yearling for sale, getting the difficult mare in foal, handling all transportation and breeding shed arrangements, or assisting your mare's delivery for your next potential champion.  Ben Tucker has more than 40 years of experience with Thoroughbreds of all ages and temperaments, including stallion management at Kentucky farms such as Walmac Farm and Gainsborough Farm.  Ben has extensive experience with neonatal and other critical care patients, surgical aftercare patients, colic horses, injury layups and has assisted many hundreds of broodmares with foaling.  We all love to help with a horse's success story!  Give Ben a call today to discuss your horse's specific needs and develop a plan to get started.

What Is The Difference Between Legacy Springs Farm And Other Farms Or Vet Clinics?

Ben Tucker has a strong belief in taking close, attentive care of the horses on his farm.  He has a keen eye for detecting the onset of medical conditions or changes in health and behavior.  When detected, addressed and treated early, it saves owners money and headache from a big problem down the road.  Young, growing horses and broodmares need a constant watchful eye.  Ben takes great care of the horses while controlling costs to help the owner's expense... He doesn't like financially gauging his customers unnecessarily.  He has a love for the animals.  This foal is a success story ...


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